Home remedies for worms in dogs

There are some diseases among dogs which are caused by parasites. The most killing parasites for a dog is worms. Different types of worms have different negative effects on the body of the dog,and among them, a few are such that can prove fatal also for this loyal pet. Worms in dogs are not something that you want your pet to go through. Worms infest the intestines and these come out of the stool. The worms get inside the body if they are dwelling in an unhygienic area and the worms can be of any type. These include tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, threadworms and so on. There are some symptoms which can be an indicator of your dog suffering from worm infestation. The topmost symptoms of worms in the system are vomiting with worms visible in the vomit, constant weakness and loss of weight and as a result, your dog feels hungry all the time. Some of the home remedies for this medical condition of the dog are:

Seeds of pumpkin: Pumpkin seeds contain a kind of amino acid called cucurbitacin which helps to get rid of worms in the dog’s intestine especially tapeworms and roundworms. It helps in paralyzing the worms which lead them to get expelled during a bowel movement as they cannot hold on to the intestinal walls. These seeds also have great help benefits for dogs.

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Food-grade diatomaceous earth: It is a kind of a parasite killer which is very much effective against roundworms, hookworms,and whipworms. It is completely safe for animals but deadly for insects. DE pierces through the protective layering of the parasite causing their death by dehydration. DE can be used both internally and externally. One should ensure that food grade DE should be used for dogs because other forms are harmful.

Cloves: It is a potential natural anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial as well that helps in getting rid of various intestinal worms. It boosts the immune system of a dog by increasing the white blood cell count. One-fourth of a dry clove mixed with food is enough for asmall dog,and half of a clove is enough for a medium-sized dog. For larger dogs, one whole clove should be used. This process must be repeated for a whole week.

Home remedies for worms in dogs

Turmeric: Turmeric is a natural anti-oxidant and has properties of anti-inflammation that reduce the damage caused by the intestinal worms. The areas of the intestine infested damaged by worm infestation is also healed with the help of turmeric. Dogs like the bitter taste of the turmeric. So adding it to the dog’s regular food for a continuous course of two weeks is very helpful in getting rid of the worms. All you have to do is add turmeric to the food of the dog for a couple of weeks. Add the turmeric according to the weight of the dog and the dosage must be increased over time. But keep in mind that in case your dog is pregnant you must not give turmeric because that will cause damage to the uterus. Visit Alpha and Omega Dog Training for best dog training services.

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