Benefits and types of insulin

Insulin is used as a medicine for the treatment of blood sugar. It involves in diabetes mellitus type two, diabetes mellitus type one, gestational diabetes, and complications of diabetes such as diabetic ketoacidosis and hyperosmolar hyperglycemic states. The insulin had used with glucose for the treatment of high blood potassium. Injection provides it under the skin, but some insulin used for injection into a nerve or tissue.

Types of insulin

The commonly used insulin types given below:

  • Fast-acting insulin
  • Short-acting insulin
  • Intermediate insulin
  • Long acting insulin
  • mega long acting

Let us we are going to discuss how long the fast-acting insulin last:

The fast-acting insulin is otherwise known as rapid-acting insulin. In fast- acting insulin, the chemical structures had changed very quickly, and they absorbed into the bloodstream. Due to the change of chemical structure, it affects the rates of insulin absorbed and does not influence the capacity of glucose (sugar).Within few minutes this type of insulin takes into the bloodstream.

Who wants fast-acting insulin?

The people who are affected by type two diabetes and type one diabetes can take insulin for the growth of glucose from the food items.

The type two diabetes and type one diabetes affected people are need of fast- acting insulin. Because In type 1 diabetes the pancreas did not produce the insulin, but in type 2 diabetes the pancreas produces the insulin, but the body did not respond to this insulin and frequently require injection type insulin.

Type 1 diabetes people have to take both types of insulin bolus and basal insulin. The pancreas normally releases basal insulin, and it is present in the person for 24 hours when the person makes not food also. The basal insulin can produce a small amount of insulin. In adults, they secrete only one unit per hour. Bolus insulin recommends to take more amounts of insulin in the pancreas will typically make a response to the glucose required in through food. The quantity of bolus insulin generated builds upon on the type of the food. Rapid-acting insulin is a sort of bolus insulin.

Insulin action:

There are 3 phases in insulin action curve. They are onset, peak, and duration.

  • If the insulin gets to start to decrease the amount of blood glucose means onset.
  • When the insulin has its ultimate impact on the blood glucose is called peak.
  • How much time the insulin continues in the blood glucose lowering effect is called as duration. Rapid acting insulin is referred to as the mealtime insulin because the fast-acting insulin has constant onset action curve.

The three types of fast-acting insulin became currently approved they are lispro, Apidra (glulisine) and Novolog (aspart).These types of insulin have same onset action curve. To understand the insulin response curve, one should know how the food items are affecting the blood glucose level. If they know means they are easily know how the meals affect the blood glucose. The ordinary people eating food on an empty stomach, the standard of blood glucose gets increased. Blood glucose peak level will get an increase within a minute, and suddenly they get decrease after three hours.

The overall duration of this three insulin can take only 3 to 4 hours. The benefits of insulin lispro are two beta chain-amino acids. The average human being insulin consists of only protein hormone consists of two polypeptide chain and then it has linked B and A chain. But the insulin lispro contain a reverse amount of lysine and proline it results in rapid resolution of insulin.

Fast-acting insulin pumps

The insulin pumps are used to provide a continuous amount of insulin to the patients. This steady flow of insulin is sort as basal insulin. The ongoing insulin is required to manage the variations of blood sugar during sleep and meal times. More amounts of fast-acting insulins are given at the meal times because they are used to balance the impacts of raising glucose through the food. The fast-acting insulin is working fast when compared to all the types of insulin, and this is the main advantage of this insulin.

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